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Inexpensive DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Inexpensive DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Having a beautiful home that reflects your personal taste is important. While you can achieve this goal in many different ways including by buying fine artwork and spending money on an interior decorator, in many cases, the most unique and personal results are achieved when you create your own decorations. Personal decorations display your unique sense of style, and they are an imaginative way to turn any house into a place you can truly home even if you are working with a tight budget.

A great and inexpensive way to decorate your home is by adding artwork to your walls. Artwork is easy to create, and it can be done for the cost of a canvas and some paints. Even if you feel like you can’t draw a stick figure, put some of your favorite colors on a canvas and let your imagination direct the paintbrush. If you are so inclined, take an art class or participate in a painting group. You just might surprise yourself with the results.

DIY-4If artwork isn’t your thing, perhaps sewing is. diy home decorating ideas that incorporate sewing include making pillows, quilts, window treatments and personalized linens. Search online or at your favorite crafting store for bargain bin fabrics, and mix and match them to create items that really express your own sense of style.

Another wonderful way to create beautiful home decorations that are very unique is by taking up woodworking. While some people think of woodworking as making furniture and more intricate pieces, even simple handcrafted items can add something special to your home. If you are new to woodworking, try making some simple coasters, bookends or sculptures. Work with a variety of different kinds of wood, and watch a few YouTube videos to discover how easy and fun woodworking can be.

If you love to bargain shop at flea markets and antique stores, buying vintage pieces and refinishing them is a great way to give your home a shabby chic feel without breaking the bank. With the latest innovations in paint and supplies, refinishing and repurposing old furniture is easier than ever. Simply grab a few cans of chalkboard paint and your favorite brush and get to work. Before you know it, your pieces will look better than new and become things that you can proudly display in your own home.

DIY-1Whatever project you choose, consider letting the whole family get involved. Ask your children or your spouse for help, and turn your projects into family heirlooms that will be cherished for generations. This is a great way to spend some together time and really get your creative juices flowing.

Turning your house into a home on a shoestring budget is easy when you incorporate some do it yourself home decorating ideas. Whether you reach for a paintbrush and canvas, sewing machine and fabric or woodworking tools and chalkboard paint, you will soon find that adding your own personal touch to your home is fun, easy and rewarding. Give it a try today.

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Backyard Decorating Tips For Summer Fun

Backyard Decorating Tips For Summer Fun

Back yards come in all shapes and sizes and are part of different landscapes, climates and jurisdictions. All of these factors influence setting, and when it comes to summer fun, there are certain decorating tips for your back yard that rise to the top.


The first thing you want to consider for a backyard if possible is a pool. There are many ways to include a pool in your backyard even with limited space. Above ground options of all types are also more affordable.

Flowers & Plants

What kind of trees, plants and flowers do you have in your backyard? Some nice summer flowers are seasonal and thrive during the summer. What kind of space are you working with? You can get really creative with flowerbeds, and if you live in the right climate, some hibiscus and other flowers are also popular options for that tropical decor look.

Patio Furniture

backyard4Patio furniture is just one option for comfort and entertaining guests. There are other seating options as well. Perhaps you have a little trellis and garden area where you can put a concrete bench for that aesthetic appeal. Or, maybe you opt for the plush, yet weather-resistant, over-sized chairs that are perfect for that backyard barbecue.


Solar lighting is perfect when it comes to saving money on both your purchase and recurring energy charges, and they are also very decorative. You have many different styles to choose from. If you really want to go all out, however, how about a tiki torch style lighting option as well and perhaps a side bar near the grill.

Lanterns are also a great lighting option. You might even need a variety of lighting products to provide a range of lighting options for various functions. For example, that backyard basketball court might need a little more light at night.

Stone Pavers

backyard3Stone pavers can be used to make a porch, patio, walkway or another backyard feature. There are some exotic choices, and there are cheaper choices. You can mesh the two by pouring a slab of concrete and then buying the thinner models of the more expensive stone pavers. This is a great compromise, allowing the best pavers on a tight budget.

Swings & Hammocks

If you don’t have two trees close to each other, there are many alternative setups available for hammocks. Hammocks make for a very relaxing experience, and you can enjoy a nice glass of sweet iced tea on a porch swing as well. Or, how about a few rocking chairs for that summer relaxation?

Hot Tubs

If you do not have space for a pool, never fear. A hot tub is the perfect solution for this situation. Hot tubs are much cheaper to install, and they have all kinds of massage options. If you’re still worried about space constraints, you might be surprised.

These backyard decorating tips are ideal for a summer fun atmosphere. Don’t forget the bird feeders, chimes and all the meat for the grill!

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Coupon Codes Help People Save Money

Coupon Codes Help People Save Money

Decorating the home on a budget is a major challenge. However, people normally are going to look for ways to save money, even on the items they are not sure if they are going to use it again. This is when people should see how the coupon codes are going to help them in getting to enjoy their new decorations without spending a fortune.

With the codes, people will find they are available to cover multiple items. While some people are stuck paying the full price for the products, they need to realize some of the products they are buying can be covered by the coupons. People just need to make sure they are looking for the coupons and make sure they are available on the item they are buying.

Number of retailers which are presently accepting these codes can help people out as well. While some people do not think about this, they need to realize as the Internet has become more popular, more retail websites are starting to accept these coupons. So people need to make sure they are considering this because they can find the home decoration retailer to be one of the websites.

Makes it easier for people to afford to redecorate their home. While most of the time, people never think about this, they need to realize redecorating the home is expensive. However, when people use the coupons, it allows them to save quite a bit of money and this makes it easier for them to complete their renovation project at one time, instead of dragging it out for months.

hardware store

Different access to retailers people never think about shopping for products. While most people will find the coupon websites are broken down into sections, they may not realize each of these sections help them in finding the right retailer for products. This could lead to people finding a retailer who has a better coupon or even has a wider selection of the products people need for their home.

Shipping is often a cost that people have to pay for on a regular basis. However, people need to realize they can easily find free shipping from a variety of retailers because of the coupons they have available. All people have to do is make sure they carefully consider the retailers and the coupons that are available to them.

Ease of finding the items people need for their home helps out as well. While some people do not think about this, they need to realize it is relatively easy to find products they need by looking on the Internet. This helps people get the best deals possible for the products they need to have.

Generally when people are trying to redecorate their home, they will find it is expensive. However, to avoid this cost, people need to know about the coupon codes that are available. By using the Home Depot coupon codes, it is rather easy for people to save money and get the products they need to have.

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